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A web app for vegetarian meal planning.
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MealHub is a web app designed to help with vegetarian meal planning. Users search for recipes based on food preferences. A nutrient tracker allows users to plan meals according to recommended daily allowances of major macronutrients. Integration with Google Calendar allows users to send recipes to their personal calendar.


MealHub Homepage

Create an account or sign in to create and access meal plans.

MealHub Create Account

Search for recipes based on cuisine preferences, foods to avoid, and dietary restrictions.

MealHub New Plan

Select recipes for a meal plan based on prep time and recommended daily allowances of major macronutrients. View weekly totals of macronutrients based on selected recipes.

MealHub Results

Save meal plans and add recipes to Google calendar for easy access.

MealHub My Meals


Backend: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy

Frontend: JavaScript, Chart.js, jQuery, AJAX, Jinja, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS

APIs: Spoonacular, Google Calendar


MealHub requires Python 2.7 and PostgreSQL to run.

Clone this repository.

$ git clone

Create and activate a virtual environment inside your MealHub directory.

$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate

Install the dependencies.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Get keys to the Spoonacular and Google Calendar APIs.

Store them in a file, similar to this:

export SPOONACULAR_KEY='abc'
export GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID='abc'

Create your database.

$ createdb mealhub
$ python

Run the server.

$ python

For Version 2.0

  • Implement in React
  • Make changes to current and past meal plans
  • Select meal plan dates that have not already been used

About the Developer

MealHub was created by Neha Gupta, a doctor turned developer in the Bay Area, CA. Learn more about the developer on LinkedIn.

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