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Minimal IPv6 library for Ethernet controllers on Arduino
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A minimal IPv6 library for an Arduino with an ENC28J60, W5500 or W5100 Ethernet controller.


  • SLAAC (Neighbour Discovery Protocol / Stateless Auto-configuration)
  • HTTP Server
  • UDP Client and Server
  • DNS Client

Design Decisions

  1. Optimised for Arduino - not a general purpose library
  2. Should be easy to use - this is what Arduino is all about
  3. Should work within the constraints of an Uno - 32k ROM and 2k RAM
  4. Should follow the Style Guide and avoid using complex C features like Pointers and Callbacks
  5. Decouple the core from protocols where possible, to allow for program size optimisations
  6. Only use statically allocated memory to avoid leaks and keep memory usage down


  • Ethernet only
  • No DHCPv6
  • No Routing or RPL
  • No TCP Client
  • Stateless TCP in HTTP Server (single packet request/response)
  • No fragmentation support
  • A single local router on the network is assumed
  • The network prefix length is assumed to be /64

If you need a more fully functional IPv6 stack, then take a look at Contiki.

EtherSia is an IPv6 only library. If you are looking for an IPv4 library for ENC28J60, then take a look at EtherCard.


EtherSia should work on any Arduino board with ENC28J60, W5500 or W5100 based network interface. There are the results of boards I have tested with:

Board Class Tested? CS Pin Hardware MAC Address
Arduino Ethernet Shield EtherSia_W5100 Working 10 None
Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 EtherSia_W5500 Working 10 None
Nanode v5 EtherSia_ENC28J60 Working 8 UNI/O 11AA02E48
Nanode RF / Classic EtherSia_ENC28J60 - 8 MCP79411
Nano Shield EtherSia_ENC28J60 Working 10 None
Velleman KA04/VMA04 EtherSia_ENC28J60 - 10 None
Ciseco Ethernet Shield K016 EtherSia_ENC28J60 - 10 None
Snootlab Gate 0.5 EtherSia_ENC28J60 - 10 None
Testing on Linux EtherSia_LinuxSocket Working - -

License: 3-clause BSD license

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