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EasyRdf 0.10.x

Major new features

  • PHP 5.2 is not supported anymore. New composer.json mentions 5.3.0 as minimal compatible version. In practice, number is a bit higher because of dependencies.
  • Usage without composer is not supported anymore
  • Library is loaded via PSR-4 autoloader now


  • $graph->isA() can take full IRIs as second parameter (only qname was accepted earlier, see issue #215)
  • Accept HTTP-header depends on SPARQL-query type (see issues #231, #226)
  • It is possible to set alternate default Resource class via Graph::setDefaultResourceClass() (see issue #243)

API changes

  • Classes are renamed like this: EasyRdf_Parser_TurtleEasyRdf\Parser\Turtle. With a single exception: EasyRdf_NamespaceEasyRdf\RdfNamespace (because namespace is a keyword in PHP)
  • EasyRdf expects HTTP-client objects compatible with ZendFramework 2.x instead of 1.x now. (zend-http is added to require-dev so tests for it are always run)
  • Resource implements ArrayAccess interface now (see #242)

Bug Fixes

  • Unicode-strings are properly encoded in n-triples documents (see #219)
  • RdfPhp parser validates its input (see #227)
  • Timeout is applied to response-times, not only connection-times (see #202)
  • $graph->get() is reliable after $graph->delete() now (see #239, #241)

EasyRdf 0.9.0

Major new features

  • Framing support in EasyRdf_Serialiser_JsonLd
  • JSON-LD Parser

API changes

  • EasyRdf_Literal_Decimal returns strings, instead of floats to avoid losing precision (see issue #178)
  • EasyRdf_Literal_Decimal requires input-strings which conform to xs:decimal format
  • EasyRdf_GraphStore supports operations over default graph now
  • EasyRdf_Literal typed as xs:double is used for PHP-floats instead of EasyRdf_Literal_Decimal
  • Exceptions thrown from EasyRdf_Graph::resource() use different message-texts now (see issue #159)


  • Synced list of default namespaces against RDFa Core Initial Context rev.2014-01-17
  • Added support for empty prefixes (see issue #183)
  • EasyRdf_Graph::newAndLoad throws EasyRdf_Http_Exception in case of failure, which gives access to status and response-body. (see issue #149)
  • EasyRdf_Graph and EasyRdf_Resource have 'typesAsResources()' methods now

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Turtle serialisation of FALSE (see issue #179)
  • Fix for edge-case in RDF/XML serialisation (see issue #186)
  • SPARQL-queries against endpoints which have query-params in their URL (see issue #184)
  • Float values are properly handled if locale with "other" separator is active
  • Fixed parsing of Turtle-documents with higher utf-8 characters (see issue #195)
  • Namespace-prefixes are compliant with RDFXML QName spec (see issue #185)
  • EasyRdf_Namespace won't generate "short" names with "/" in them anymore (see issue #115)
  • EasyRdf_Parser_RdfXml respects "base" specified for the document (see issue #157)
  • HTML documents are correctly detected now, not as "n-triples" (see issue #206)
  • Accept-headers are formatted in locale-independent fashion now (see issue #208)

EasyRdf 0.8.0

Major new features

  • Now PSR-2 compliant
  • Added RDFa parser
  • Added SPARQL Update support to EasyRdf_Sparql_Client

API changes

  • is_a() has been renamed to isA()
  • isBnode() has been renamed to isBNode()
  • getNodeId() has been renamed to getBNodeId()
  • Added a $value property to hasProperty()
  • Renamed toArray() to toRdfPhp()
  • Renamed count() to countValues() in EasyRdf_Graph and EasyRdf_Resource
  • Made passing a URI to delete() behave more like all() and get() - you must enclose in <>
  • dump(true) has changed to dump('html')
  • getUri() in EasyRdf_Sparql_Client has been renamed to getQueryUri()


  • Added EasyRdf_Container class to help iterate through rdf:Alt, rdf:Bag and rdf:Seq
  • Added EasyRdf_Collection class to help iterate through rdf:List
  • Added EasyRdf_Literal_HTML and EasyRdf_Literal_XML
  • Changed formatting of xsd:dateTime from DateTime::ISO8601 to DateTime::ATOM
  • Added rss:title to the list of properties that label() will check for
  • Added support for serialising containers to the RDF/XML serialiser
  • Added getGraph method to EasyRdf_Resource
  • Turtle parser improvements
  • Added the application/n-triples MIME type for the N-Triples format
  • Added support to EasyRdf_Namespace for expanding a to rdf:type
  • Added listNamedGraphs() function to EasyRdf_Sparql_Client
  • Added line and column number to exceptions in the built-in parsers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in EasyRdf_Namespace::expand() (see issue #114)
  • Fix for dumping SPARQL SELECT query with unbound result (see issue #112)
  • Sesame compatibility : avoid duplicate Content-Length header
  • Fix for for passing objects of type DateTime to $graph->add() (see issue #119)
  • Fix for SPARQL queries longer than 2KB (see issue #85)
  • Fix for dumping literal with unshortenable datatype uri (see issue #120)
  • Fix for getting default mime type or extension when there isn't one
  • Fix for missing trailing slash the HTTP client

EasyRdf 0.7.2


  • Removed automatic registration of ARC2 and librdf parsers and serialisers ** You must now specifically choose the parser or serialiser
  • Refactored EasyRdf_Literal with datatypes so that it preserves exact value
  • Changed Turtle serialiser to not escape Unicode characters unnecessarily
  • Fix for escaping literals objects in Turtle serialiser
  • Added a new static function newAndLoad() to EasyRdf_Graph
  • Added setters for each of the components of the URI to the class EasyRdf_ParsedUri
  • Added option to the converter example, to allow raw output, without any HTML

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken Redland parser (thanks to Jon Phipps)
  • Fix for serialising two bnodes that reference each other in Turtle
  • Added support for parsing literals with single quotes in Turtle
  • Removed require for EasyRdf/Exception.php
  • Fix for serialising EasyRdf_Literal_DateTime to Turtle
  • Fix for serialising Turtle literals with a shorthand syntax
  • Several typo fixes and minor corrections

EasyRdf 0.7.1


  • Changed minimum version of PHPUnit to 3.5.15
  • Added RDFa namespace
  • Added Open Graph Protocol namespace
  • Made improvements to formatting of the Turtle serialiser
  • Added new splitUri() function to EasyRdf_Namespace
  • Made improvements to format guessing

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for RDF/XML parser not returning the number of triples
  • Added re-mapping of b-nodes to N-Triples and Redland parsers

EasyRdf 0.7.0

API Changes

  • You must now wrap full property URIs in angle brackets

Major new features

  • Added a new pure-PHP Turtle parser
  • Added basic property-path support for traversing graphs
  • Added support for serialising to the GraphViz dot format (and generating images)
  • Added a new class EasyRdf_ParsedUri - a RFC3986 compliant URI parser


  • The load() function in EasyRdf_Graph no-longer takes a $data argument
  • The parse() and load() methods, now return the number of triples parsed
  • Added count() method to EasyRdf_Resource and EasyRdf_Graph
  • Added localName() method to EasyRdf_Resource
  • Added htmlLink() method to EasyRdf_Resource
  • Added methods deleteResource() and deleteLiteral() to EasyRdf_Graph
  • Added support for guessing the file format based on the file extension
  • Performance improvements to built-in serialisers

Environment changes

  • Added PHP Composer description to the project
  • Now properly PSR-0 autoloader compatible
  • New minimum version of PHP is 5.2.8
  • Changed test suite to require PHPUnit 3.6
  • Changed from Phing to GNU Make based build system
  • Added automated testing of the examples

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for loading https:// URLs
  • Fix for storing the value 0 in a EasyRdf_Graph
  • Fix for HTTP servers that return relative URIs in the Location header
  • Fix for Literals with languages in the SPARQL Query Results XML Format
  • Fix for SPARQL servers that put extra whitespace into the XML result
  • Fix for the httpget.php example in PHP 5.4+

EasyRdf 0.6.3

  • Added $graph->parseFile() method.
  • Added support for SSL (https) to the built-in HTTP client
  • Fixes for HTTP responses with a charset parameter in the Content Type.
  • Improved error handling and empty documents in JSON and rapper parsers.
  • Added connivence class for xsd:hexBinary literals:
    • EasyRdf_Literal_HexBinary
  • Made EasyRdf more tolerant of 'badly serialised bnodes'
  • Fix for SPARQL servers that return charset in the MIME Type.
  • Fix for using xml:lang in SPARQL 1.1 Query Results JSON Format
  • Changed datetime ISO formatting to use 'Z' instead of +0000 for UTC dateTimes
  • Added the namespace for 'The Cert Ontology' to EasyRdf.

EasyRdf 0.6.2

  • Bug fix for missing triples in the RDF/XML serialiser.
  • Added countTriples() method to EasyRdf_Graph.
  • Re-factored the mechanism for mapping RDF datatypes to PHP classes.
  • Added subclasses of EasyRdf_Literal for various XSD datatypes:
    • EasyRdf_Literal_Boolean
    • EasyRdf_Literal_Date
    • EasyRdf_Literal_DateTime
    • EasyRdf_Literal_Decimal
    • EasyRdf_Literal_Integer
  • Made the Redland based parser write triples directly to EasyRdf_Graph
  • Added support for datatypes and languages in the EasyRdf_Parser_Ntriples parser.
  • Fix for parsing XML Literals in RDF/XML

EasyRdf 0.6.1

  • Updated API documentation for new classes and methods added in 0.6.0
  • Added a description to the top of the source code for each example.
  • Changed the generated bnode identifier names from eidXXX to genidXXX.
  • Implemented inlining of resources in the RDF/XML serialiser.
  • Added new reversePropertyUris() method to EasyRdf_Graph and EasyRdf_Resource.
  • Added addType() and setType() to EasyRdf_Resource.
  • Added a textarea to the converter example.
  • Added support for parsing the json-triples format.
  • Renamed EasyRdf_SparqlClient to EasyRdf_Sparql_Client
  • Renamed EasyRdf_SparqlResult to EasyRdf_Sparql_Result
  • Fix for $graph->isEmpty() failing after adding and deleting some triples
  • Added new EasyRdf_DatatypeMapper class that allows you to map RDF datatypes to PHP classes.
  • Renamed guessDatatype() to getDatatypeForValue() in EasyRdf_Literal.
  • Added getResource() and allResources() to EasyRdf_Graph and EasyRdf_Resource
  • Implemented value casting in literals based on the datatype.

EasyRdf 0.6.0

  • Major re-factor of the way data is stored internally in EasyRdf_Graph.
  • Parsing and serialising is now much faster and will enable further optimisations.
  • API is mostly backwards-compatible apart from:
    • Changed inverse property operator from - to ^ to match Sparql 1.1 property paths.
    • New EasyRdf_Graphs will not automatically be loaded on creation You must now call $graph->load();
    • Setting the default HTTP client is now part of a new EasyRdf_Http class
    • It is no-longer possible to add multiple properties at once using an associative array.
  • Added methods to EasyRdf_Graph for direct manipulation of triples.
  • Added new EasyRdf_GraphStore - class for fetching, saving and deleting graphs to a Graph Store over HTTP.
  • Added new EasyRdf_SparqlClient and EasyRdf_SparqlResult - class for querying a SPARQL endpoint over HTTP.
  • Added q values for each Mime-Type associated with an EasyRdf_Format.
  • New example demonstrating integration with the Zend Framework.
  • New EasyRdf_HTTP_MockClient class makes testing easier.

EasyRdf 0.5.2

  • Added a built-in RDF/XML parser
  • Made the RDF/XML serialiser use the rdf:type to open tags
  • Added support for comments in the N-Triples parser
  • Added new resolveUriReference() function to EasyRdf_Utils
  • Added the application/rdf+json and text/rdf+n3 mime types

EasyRdf 0.5.1

  • Bug fixes for PHP 5.2

EasyRdf 0.5.0

  • Added support for inverse properties.
  • Updated RDF/XML and Turtle serialisers to create new namespaces if possible.
  • Added new is_a($type) method to EasyRdf_Resource.
  • Added support for passing an array of properties to the get() method.
  • Added primaryTopic() method to EasyRdf_Resource.
  • The function label() in EasyRdf_Resource will no longer attempted to shorten the URI, if there is no label available.
  • Resource types are now stored as resources, instead of shortened URIs.
  • Added support for deleting a specific value for property to EasyRdf_Resource.
  • Properties and datatypes are now stored as full URIs and not converted to qnames during import.
  • Change the TypeMapper to store full URIs internally.
  • Added bibo and geo to the set of default namespaces.
  • Improved bnode links in dump format
  • Fix for converting non-string EasyRdf_Literal to string.
  • Created an example that resolves UK postcodes using

EasyRdf 0.4.0

  • Moved source code to Github
  • Added an EasyRdf_Literal class
  • Added proper support for Datatypes and Languages
  • Added built-in RDF/XML serialiser
  • Added built-in Turtle serialiser
  • Added a new EasyRdf_Format class to deal with mime types etc.
  • finished a major refactoring of the Parser/Serialiser registration
  • removed all parsing related code from EasyRdf_Graph
  • Added a basic serialisation example
  • Added additional common namespaces
  • Test fixes

EasyRdf 0.3.0

  • Generated Wiki pages from phpdoc
  • Filtering of literals by language
  • Moved parsers into EasyRdf_Parser_XXX namespace
  • Added support for serialisation
  • Wrote RDF generation example (foafmaker.php)
  • Added built-in ntriples parser/generator
  • Added built-in RDF/PHP serialiser
  • Added built-in RDF/JSON serialiser
  • Added SKOS and RSS to the set of default namespaces.

EasyRdf 0.2.0

  • Added support for Redland PHP bindings
  • Added support for n-triples document type.
  • Improved blank node handing and added newBNode() method to EasyRdf_Graph.
  • Add option to EasyRdf_RapperParser to choose location of rapper command
  • Added Rails style HTML tag helpers to examples to make them simpler

EasyRdf 0.1.0

  • First public release
  • Support for ARC2 and Rapper
  • Built-in HTTP Client
  • API Documentation
  • PHP Unit tests for every class.
  • Several usage examples