Can I create a new Blank node with a rdf:about property #172

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Hello I am currently building an API that responds with an RDF.

I have multiple nodes of the same type so I am using newBNode so the properties I add to each of them don't get collected in the same resource.

The problem I face is that I am trying to create a new blank node but I can't specify the rdf:about property of the created node. I validated the RDF of what I am trying to achieve against the W3C validator and everything is ok.

This is what I get

     // Other resources here

This is what I need

<rdf:Description rdf:about="">
     // Other resources here

Is this a limitation of EasyRdf?


indeyets commented Feb 27, 2014

can you post some code here?


njh commented Feb 28, 2014

Hello @hydrarulz,

A Blank Node cannot have a URI associated with it in RDF. If it did, it wouldn't be 'blank' anymore.

I think this will do what you want:

    $node = $graph->resource('');
    $node->set('foaf:name', 'Foo');


Thanks, I did not understand the Blank node notion properly.

hydrarulz closed this Mar 2, 2014

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