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Add support for JSON-LD #87

njh opened this Issue · 21 comments

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Let me know if you need any help with this.


I'd definitely go with
This library is based on official spec-tests, so quality should be high.
It has support for composer, so it is trivial to add it to equation.


just to fit actuality Json-ld is from 01-16-2014 a part of W3C.

Welcome !

I noticed that in EasyRdf composer.json the lib is just sugested, and Travis test are disabled.

Other part is Lanthaler lib does not support named graph.

What do you think should be better ?

Both lib are alive.


@serwan do you mean ?

I see 2 issues with it:

  1. it is not available at packagist. or is it?
  2. it doesn't provide node-centric API similar to what lib by @lanthaler provides (and I find it quite useful)

@lanthaler is there a chance to get named-graphs support in your lib in foreseeable future? :)


@lanthaler line 66/67 has to be remove then ^^
I can't get the @id of the named graph in the the json-ld result string when i "toString" a document with a named graph.


Does anyone work on a JSON-LD parser yet? In my project I'm currently using ML\JsonLD ntriples serialization to be parsed by EasyRDF (see Since EasyRDF already depends on ML\JsonLD for JSON-LD serialization, maybe it should also for the parser. But I'm not sure if the 'ntriples bridge' is a good solution. Something like

JSON-LD Document --> ML\JsonLD parser --> ML\JsonLD Graph --> Then a miracle occurs --> EasyRDF Graph

would be nice. Any ideas?


@cKlee it is in plans. I'll do my best to push the code soon.


Me and @pietercolpaert are also awaiting this feature with great enthusiasm!


@indeyets Any update on this feature?


But still no way to change a Graph from @lanthaler his library to an EasyRdf_Graph?

Gratz on the first release btw ;)


Great stuff @lanthaler! Looking forward when @indeyets finds time to close the deal.


Still no JSON-LD parser in the documentation.


Ohh, thanks! When will it come?


Any update?

@pietercolpaert pietercolpaert referenced this issue in iRail/hyperRail

text/turtle output #8


can we close this?

if only missing thing is documentation, then we can't do anything about it (except releasing new version). We have both Parser and Serializer. Bugs can be handled separately.

@indeyets indeyets closed this in 81c864b

Sorry for beeing "meta late", problem is fixed and sure you were right to close it.

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