Latest release


@indeyets indeyets released this Nov 11, 2014 · 102 commits to master since this release

Major new features

  • Framing support in EasyRdf_Serialiser_JsonLd
  • JSON-LD Parser

API changes

  • EasyRdf_Literal_Decimal returns strings, instead of floats to avoid losing precision (see issue #178)
  • EasyRdf_Literal_Decimal requires input-strings which conform to xs:decimal format
  • EasyRdf_GraphStore supports operations over default graph now
  • EasyRdf_Literal typed as xs:double is used for PHP-floats instead of EasyRdf_Literal_Decimal
  • Exceptions thrown from EasyRdf_Graph::resource() use different message-texts now (see issue #159)


  • Synced list of default namespaces against RDFa Core Initial Context rev.2014-01-17
  • Added support for empty prefixes (see issue #183)
  • EasyRdf_Graph::newAndLoad throws EasyRdf_Http_Exception in case of failure, which gives access to status and response-body. (see issue #149)
  • EasyRdf_Graph and EasyRdf_Resource have 'typesAsResources()' methods now

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Turtle serialisation of FALSE (see issue #179)
  • Fix for edge-case in RDF/XML serialisation (see issue #186)
  • SPARQL-queries against endpoints which have query-params in their URL (see issue #184)
  • Float values are properly handled if locale with "other" separator is active
  • Fixed parsing of Turtle-documents with higher utf-8 characters (see issue #195)
  • Namespace-prefixes are compliant with RDFXML QName spec (see issue #185)
  • EasyRdf_Namespace won't generate "short" names with "/" in them anymore (see issue #115)
  • EasyRdf_Parser_RdfXml respects "base" specified for the document (see issue #157)
  • HTML documents are correctly detected now, not as "n-triples" (see issue #206)
  • Accept-headers are formatted in locale-independent fashion now (see issue #208)