Perl Module - Control the GLK series Matrix Orbital displays
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Device::MatrixOrbital::GLK is an object oriented perl module for controlling 
the GLK serial of LCD screens made by Matrix Orbital.

For more information about GLK series MatrixOrbital displays, please visit:

Please note that I am not an employee and have nothing to do with MatrixOrbital,
other than being a happy customer.


	I use Module::Build to build and install this module.
	To install this module type the following:
		perl Build.PL
		./Build test
	And then as root:
		./Build install

	Module::Build is available in the debian package:



There is only a limit number of operations implemented in this release of the 
perl module.  Additional operations will be implemented in future releases.

  Yes   0x21   Wipe Filesystem
  No    0x24   Upload a Font File
  No    0x26   Poll Key Press
  No    0x31   Set the Current Font
  No    0x32   Font Metrics
  Yes   0x33   Change the I2C Slave Address
  Yes   0x36   Read Version Number
  Yes   0x37   Read Module Type
  Yes   0x39   Change the Baud Rate
  No    0x3A   Turn Flow Control On
  Yes   0x3B   Turn Flow Control Off
  No    0x41   Auto Transmit Key Presses On
  Yes   0x42   Backlight On
  No    0x45   Clear Key Buffer
  Yes   0x46   Backlight Off
  No    0x47   Set the Cursor Position
  Yes   0x48   Move Cursor Home
  No    0x4F   Auto Transmit Key Presses Off
  Yes   0x50   Set Contrast
  Yes   0x51   Auto Scroll On
  Yes   0x52   Auto Scroll Off
  No    0x55   Set Debounce Time
  Yes   0x58   Clear Screen
  No    0x5E   Upload a Bitmap File
  No    0x60   Auto Repeat Mode Off
  Yes   0x62   Draw a Bitmap from Memory
  Yes   0x63   Set Drawing Color
  No    0x64   Draw a Bitmap Directly
  Yes   0x65   Continue a Line
  No    0x67   Initialize a Bar Graph
  No    0x69   Draw a Bar Graph
  No    0x6A   Initialize a Strip Chart
  No    0x6B   Shift a Strip Chart
  Yes   0x6C   Draw a Line
  Yes   0x70   Draw Pixel
  Yes   0x72   Draw a Rectangle
  Yes   0x78   Draw a Solid Rectangle
  No    0x79   Set the Cursor Coordinate
  No    0x7E   Set Auto Repeat Mode
  Yes   0x91   Set and Save Contrast
  No    0x93   Set Remember
  Yes   0x98   Set and Save Backlight Brightness
  Yes   0x99   Set Backlight Brightness
  No    0xA4   Set a Non-Standard Baud Rate
  No    0xAC   Set Box Space Mode
  Yes   0xAD   Delete a File
  No    0xAF   Get Filesystem Space
  No    0xB2   Download a File
  No    0xB3   Get Filesystem Directory
  No    0xB4   Move a File
  No    0xCA   Data Lock


	Nicholas J Humfrey,


	Copyright (C) 2007 Nicholas J Humfrey

	This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
	under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.005 or, at
	your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.