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TwoLAME Authors
.Nicholas J Humfrey - <njh at>
- Current Maintainer
- New automake build system
- Added libsndfile support
- Reference documentation for API
- Lots of cleaning and improving!
- New frontend
.Christophe Massiot - <cmassiot at>
- Changes to make libtwolame thread-safe
.'Mean' - <mean at>
- Fix for AMD64 processors
- Fix for CRC protection
.Mike Cheng <mikecheng at NOT> (remove the NOT)
- Author of tooLAME, which TwoLAME is based on.
.ISO Dist10 code writers
- original basis of toolame
.LAME specific contributions
- fht routines from Ron Mayer <mayer at>
- fht tweaking by Mathew Hendry <math at>
- window_subband & filter subband from LAME circa v3.30
(multiple LAME authors)
(before Takehiro's window/filter/mdct combination)
.Oliver Lietz <lietz at>
- Tables now included in the exe! (yay! :)
.Patrick de Smet <pds at>
- scale_factor calc speedup.
- subband_quantization speedup
.Bill Eldridge <bill at> and Federico Grau <grauf at>
- option for "no padding"
.Nick Burch <gagravarr at>
- WAV file reading
- os/2 Makefile mods.
.Phillipe Jouguet <philippe.jouguet at>
- DAB extensions
- spelling, LSF using psyII, WAVE reading
.Henrik Herranen - <leopold at>
- WAVE reading
.Andreas Neukoetter - <anti at>
- verbosity patch '-t' switch for transcode plugin
.Sami Sallinen - <sami.sallinen at>
- filter subband loop unroll psychoi fix for "% 1408" calcs
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