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Clean up docs and review pull request #384

Spelunking through the issues at the PyCon sprints.
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@@ -119,15 +119,16 @@ def get_current_user():
.. versionadded:: 0.2
.. versionadded:: 0.9
- If the argument ``padded`` true than the json object will pad for
- JSONP calls like from jquery. The response mimetype will also change
- to ``text/javascript``.
- The json object will pad as javascript function with the function name
- from the request argument ``callback`` or ``jsonp``. If the argument
- ``padded`` a string jsonify will look for the function name in the
- request argument with the name which is equal to ``padded``. Is there
- no function name it will fallback and use ``jsonp`` as function name.
+ If the ``padded`` argument is true, the JSON object will be padded
+ for JSONP calls and the response mimetype will be changed to
+ ``text/javascript``. By default, the request arguments ``callback``
+ and ``jsonp`` will be used as the name for the callback function.
+ This will work with jQuery and most other JavaScript libraries
+ by default.
+ If the ``padded`` argument is a string, jsonify will look for
+ the request argument with the same name and use that value as the
+ callback-function name.
if __debug__:

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