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Fixes issue #77 by adding explanation to docs

Points out that the Django empty is replaced by the
Flask else.
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22 docs/switching.rst
@@ -177,9 +177,25 @@ operator. Here are some examples::
-For loops work very similar to Django, the only incompatibility is that in
-Jinja2 the special variable for the loop context is called `loop` and not
-`forloop` like in Django.
+For loops work very similar to Django. Notably, in Jinja2 the special variable for
+the loop context is called `loop` and not `forloop` like in Django.
+In addition, the Django `empty` argument is called `else` in Jinja2. For example, the
+Django template::
+ {% for item in items %}
+ {{item}}
+ {% empty %}
+ No items!
+ {% endfor %}
+would be handled in Flask as::
+ {% for item in items %}
+ {{item}}
+ {% else %}
+ No items!
+ {% endfor %}
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