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  • Unread
  • Feedback from proposal authors
  • Votes should reload
  • batch Logic
  • Disallow viewing own proposal
  • Display talk data as markdown
  • batch voting UI
  • Handle withdrawn talks
  • Markdown links should target blank
  • Change voting style for screening
  • Tweak voting on batch
  • Deployment
  • Fix names
  • Flag as special, screening stage
  • Add nominate to vote displays
  • Sentry on live
  • Link to edit URL on
  • Link login and new users stuff to mailing list
  • Anonymize replies on filter
  • batch chat
  • unread tools on batch chat
  • Clean up the menu bar in batch
  • batch hide your groups from yourself
  • Turn emailing back on
  • Backups
  • Integrate with
  • cron pull
  • What's up with the talks not being pulled?
  • Reply when a user is approved!
  • Weekly status email
  • Better display of talks with votes before an update
  • Email reminders/updates to committee members
  • Handle withdrawn talks
  • Need an inbetween mode; post proposals closing, before batch opens
  • Analysis export (Just SQL query it)
  • Remove random chat from talks (Leave chat on talks)
  • batch group tweaking UI (Do it before import)
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