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'Fathom' - Global Game Jam 2017

Repo for Global Game Jam 2017 ('Waves').


  • Node
  • Docker
  • Make


Clone the repo and make run to spin up the Docker environment. All internal dependencies will be installed.


Two Docker containers are created by make run:

  • client encapsulates the dev environment for both the 'Visor' and the 'Monitor' (see below), including build tools and source code.
  • server encapsulates the runtime game server including HTML, static assets and websockets.

When the Docker environment is running, the /static directory is also mounted as a volume for both the client and the server. The build tools for client will output JS payloads, assets and HTML templates to the /static directory (see /client/package.json and /client/webpack.config.js).

There are two main components to the game: Visor and Monitor.

  • Visor is the view seen by the player exploring the environment (and wearing a VR headset).
  • Monitor is the view seen by the player(s) issuing guidance and instructions.

The default port is 5005. Once make run has finished:

  • Monitor will be available from localhost:5005 (connect to this first).
  • Visor will be available from localhost:5005/visor, leading to /play.

nodemon is used to watch any changes in the js directory and rebuild/restart the Node server and dev tools accordingly (TODO: this is currently broken, fix it).

Playing/testing the game locally

  • Load Monitor on a laptop or desktop. It will automatically start the game once Visor has connected.
  • Proxy the app through ngrok or another tunnelling service.
  • Load Visor on a VR-equipped web device (e.g. Chrome Android w/Google Cardboard).
  • Monitor will detect when Visor has connected and automatically start the game.
  • Use the arrow keys or a gamepad (experimental) on the Monitor to move the player. Mouse-drag the Visor view or physically turn the VR device to change orientation.

Post-jam TODOS

  • Clean up code and convert to ES6
  • Improved UX and robustness for game startup (options, connection prompts, gamepad, QR codes etc)
  • Server-side game state (room/lobby handling)
  • Improved visuals, narrative, audio etc
  • Improved map generation and exploration options
  • Additional mechanics - echolocation, sentient enemies, puzzles, timed hazards, objectives etc
  • [DONE] Improve Docker container infrastructure / server setup


Repo for Global Game Jam 2017.




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