Driver for using Stellaris/Tiva C Series MCU to interface with WS2812b LEDs
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This library can be used to get a Stellaris or Tiva C Series MCU to control a chain of WS2812b LEDs using the SPI peripheral. Functions for interacting directly with the LEDs can be found in lib/WS2812_drv. A library for using the uDMA peripheral to communicate with the LEDs can be found in lib/SPI_uDMA_drv. Sample source code for how to use this library, including a startup_css.c defining all necessary interrupt vectors, can be found in the example directory.

Currently, this library only supports a single SPI peripheral controlling the chain of LEDs on PF1 using SPI1. In the future, this will be renamed WS2812_simple_drv, and a new WS2812_drv will be added that will contain a much more generic (but unfortunately, also complex) API that will allow for using multiple SPI peripherals in parallel, and let the user specify the SPI peripheral, uDMA channel, SPI TX pin, and other options to be used for each instance of the driver.