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# getpass -
use strict;
use File::KeePass;
use Term::ReadKey;
my $searchkey=shift;
my $k = File::KeePass->new;
my $file = "CHANGE_THIS.kdbx";
die "Please configure \$file with your database file full path.\n" unless ($file !~ /CHANGE_THIS/);
die "Please enter a search key\n" unless defined($searchkey);
print "Type master password:";
chomp(my $master_pass = <STDIN>);
print "\n";
$k->load_db($file, $master_pass);
my @all_entries = $k->find_entries({}); # get all entries for matching title
foreach my $e (@all_entries) {
print $e->{'title'} ." ". $e->{'username'} ." ". $e->{'password'} ." ". $e->{'comment'} . "\n"
if($e->{'title'} =~ m/$searchkey/i);