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20 lines (18 sloc) 0.922 kb do |gem| = "marketo"
gem.summary = "A client for using the marketo API"
gem.description = <<-EOF
Allows easy integration with marketo from ruby. You can synchronize leads and fetch them back by email. This is based on the SOAP wsdl file: More information at
EOF = ""
gem.authors = ["James O'Brien"]
gem.homepage = ""
gem.files = Dir['lib/**/*.rb']
gem.require_path = ['lib']
gem.test_files = Dir['spec/**/*_spec.rb']
gem.version = "1.2.5"
gem.has_rdoc = true
gem.rdoc_options << '--title' << 'Marketo Client Gem' << '--main' << 'Rapleaf::Marketo::Client'
gem.add_development_dependency('rspec', '>= 2.3.0')
gem.add_dependency('savon', '>= 0.8.3')
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