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Update project badges in the readme

* Avoid sizing badges -- let the provider determine the size (currently
  they're all 18 pixels high)
* Change the layout for the sake of plain-text legibility
* Use reference-style Markdown images
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<hNNBNBh=(. / \ `
-# [<img align="right" src="" title="RubyGems release" height="13" />][rubygems-release] [<img align="right" src="" title="Code Climate report" height="13" />][code-climate-report] [<img align="right" src="" title="Gemnasium build status" height="13" />][gemnasium-build-status] [<img align="right" src="" title="Travis CI build status" height="13" />][travis-ci-build-status] Cape
+# Cape
+[![Travis CI build status]]( "Travis CI build status")
+[![Gemnasium build status]]( "Gemnasium build status")
+[![Code Climate report] ]( "Code Climate report")
+[![RubyGems release] ]( "RubyGems release")
@@ -328,3 +328,8 @@ Your patches are welcome, and you will receive attribution here for good stuff.
## License
Released under the [MIT License](
+[Travis CI build status]:
+[Gemnasium build status]:
+[Code Climate report]:
+[RubyGems release]:

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