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The trestle generator (a drop-in replacement for the Rails scaffold
generator) creates a controller and views to interact with a model. If the
model does not exist, it creates the model as well. The generated code is
equivalent to the "scaffold :model" declaration, making it easy to migrate
when you wish to customize your controller and views.
The generator takes a model name, an optional controller name, and a
list of views as arguments. Trestle actions and views are created
automatically. Any views left over generate empty stubs.
The trestle actions are:
list, new, show, edit, destroy
The trestle views are:
list, new, show, edit
If a controller name is not given, the plural form of the model name
will be used. The model and controller names may be given in CamelCase
or under_score and should not be suffixed with 'Model' or 'Controller'.
Both model and controller names may be prefixed with a module like a
file path; see the Modules Example for usage.
./script/generate trestle Account Bank debit credit
This will generate an Account model and BankController with a full test
suite and a basic user interface. Now create the accounts table in your
database and browse to http://localhost/bank/ -- voila, you're on Rails!
Modules Example:
./script/generate trestle CreditCard 'admin/credit_card' suspend late_fee
This will generate a CreditCard model and CreditCardController controller
in the admin module.