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[Note: I don't actually use this myself anymore, I use the apa6 package. But it's preserved here for posterity.]

The American Psychological Association publishes detailed guidelines on how manuscripts should be formatted for submission to their journals, and many other journals use these guidelines as well. The venerable 'apa.cls' is used to produce such manuscripts from LaTeX -- but apa.cls currently only knows how to produce manuscripts in the style of the APA 5th edition (from 2001), and cannot produce manuscripts complaint with the current 6th edition guidelines (published in 2009).

apa6e.cls is a simple class file for producing manuscripts compatible with the APA 6th edition guidelines. 

Here's a sample document to get you started:
  \usepackage{apacite} % This is not done automatically!
  \title{A simple, correct explanation for every aspect of mental function}
  \shorttitle{Psychology: the end}
  \author{Over J.~Optimistic\\Pie in the Sky University}
  I have discovered a truly remarkable theory which
  this example is too small to contain.

This class file is licensed under the 2-clause BSD license, which
basically means you can do whatever you want with it, so long as you
leave my copyright on it and don't expect there to be any
warranty. However, if you're going to make any changes, then it would
probably be less confusing all around if you either send those changes
to me to incorporate into the 'official' version, and/or change the
name of any 'unofficial' versions to something besides apa6e.cls.

Have fun,
-- Nathaniel J. Smith <>


A LaTeX class file for producing APA 6e-compliant manuscripts






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