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# Captioning and referencing equations
This section introduces how to add captions to equations, and reference them in text. Note that when using captioning, you need to use the `bookdown::html_document2` output.
## Overview
* **Teaching**: 5 minutes
* **Exercises**: 5 minutes
## Questions
- How do I caption an equation?
- How do I reference an equation?
### Numbering equations
You can provide a number for an equation by adding `\begin{equation}` along with a label, provided with `(\#eq:label)`
Y \sim X\beta_0 + X\beta_1 + \epsilon
You can then refer to the equation in text using `\@ref(eq:model)`:
> Our model is given in \@ref(eq:model)
If you want to provide a specific number to the equation, you can use `\tag{XX.XX}`
Y \sim X\beta_0 + X\beta_1 + \epsilon \tag{1}
## Numbering equations
## Referencing equations
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