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ESBM Benchmark

License: ODC Attribution License (ODC-By)

ESBM (short for Entity Summarization BenchMark) is a benchmark for evaluating algorithms for entity summarization, aka entity summarizers.

Currently, three versions are available:

Submit Your Results

You are encouraged to submit the results of your entity summarizer by contacting us. We will add your results to the evaluation results tables. Your submission should contain:

  • Output files: summaries generated by your entity summarizer;
  • Evaluation results: evaluation results outputted by our evaluator;
  • Notes: brief description of your entity summarizer (e.g., name of the summarizer, citation information, parameter settings, version of the ESBM benchmark).


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Qingxia Liu and Gong Cheng. This work is also credited to Kalpa Gunaratna.


If you use this benchmark, please cite the following paper (Best Resource Track Paper Nominee of ESWC 2020, video of this paper can be found here):

  author    = {Qingxia Liu and
                Gong Cheng and
                Kalpa Gunaratna and
                Yuzhong Qu},
  title     = {ESBM: An Entity Summarization Benchmark},
  booktitle = {ESWC},
  year      = {2020}


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