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It has happen much with .NET since this library first was released. Pretty much every feature in this library is nowadays presented directly in the core library of .NET and there are therefor no reason to use any of these components anymore. Therefor this library is deprecated and no further maintenance is intended.


A component toolkit for development based on .NET

nJupiter is a component toolkit that contains a large amount of functionality across a wide spectrum. nJupiter offering a set of tools that you can use either independently or together with each other in your own projects. nJupiter has been under development since 2005 and is today considered to be a mature project. nJupiter is completely written in C # and is released under a MIT / X11 license. Some of the components in the project was developed in Microsoft .NET 1.1 but was later updated to .NET 2.0 and 3.5 and today the project is .NET 3.5+ only.

You can find nJupiter releases on NuGet

Please do not send private mails with questions or issues, please do this at either Stack Overflow or in the Issue Tracker, in this way your question and its answer can help other people with the same problems.


16 march 2015: Moved to GitHub

Since Google Code is about to close down we have now moved to GitHub

4 december 2012: All NuGet packages now contain builds for .NET 4.0

All NuGet-packages do now contain specific builds for both .NET 2.0/3.5 and .NET 4.0. Some minor fixes have also been done to some of the components, please refere to the individual project changelogs for more information.

30 august 2012: nJupiter.DataAccess.Ldap 5.1 released

Support for serverless binding added. Set the url element in the configuration to just “LDAP://” to activate. Read more about nJupiter.DataAccess.Ldap here.

27 june 2012: nJupiter.DataAccess.Ldap 5.0 released

The Ldap MembershipProvider and RoleProvider in nJupiter.DataAccess.Ldap now supports paged loading via Virtual List View for LDAP servers that supports it. The RoleProvider shall now also support servers that do not cross refer members in both the group entry and user entry but only store membership in groups, for example Oracle Internet Directory. nJupiter.DataAccess.Ldap now also refer to nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging which means that if you need to log why users can not be validated you can now choose to log this to the logging framework of your own choice. Facades and abstractions for the System.DirectoryServices namespace has also been made public so you can use them if you need to do own operations on the LDAP server which can not be done on the providers directly. The Config objects are also now public, Besides that the component has been completely refactored and cleaned up to make it easier to add new functionality to it in the future. Read more about nJupiter.DataAccess.Ldap here.

8 june 2012: nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging released

nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging is an abstraction library which makes it easy to change between different logging frameworks in runtime. nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging currently have implementations for NLog, log4net (both the old and the new public key token) and Enterprise Library Logging Application Block. The goal with nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging is simplicity and the component uses the logger pattern known from log4xxx. nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging is also designed to be easy to use together with IoC-container where you can registered generically typed loggers that you easily can use via constructor injection. Read more about it here.