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The nk2028 Community

A newborn community mainly focused on data-driven Chinese (+JKV) historical linguistics.


  1. An automated online tool for generating the derivatives of the Qieyun phonological system

    TypeScript 16 10

  2. opencc-js Public

    The JavaScript version of Open Chinese Convert (OpenCC)

    JavaScript 111 14

  3. yitizi Public

    Input a Chinese character. Output all the variant characters of it.

    Python 15 1

  4. A tool to add Putonghua pronunciations in IPA form on Chinese texts

    TypeScript 14 4

  5. Database of Sino-Korean Readings (mainly collected from the 15th-16th centuries)

    4 1

  6. 『学研漢和大辞典』音読みの資料



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