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JavaScript code examples to generate the derivatives of the Qieyun phonological system using qieyun-js


List of included examples

切韻音系拼音或轉寫 romanization/transcription of the Qieyun phonological system

  • 切韻拼音 (Tshet-uinh Phonetic Alphabet): tupa.js
  • 白一平轉寫 (Baxter’s Transcription): baxter.js
  • 有女羅馬字 (Blankego’s Romanization): blankego.js
  • 古韻羅馬字 (Koxyonh’s Romanization): kyonh.js
  • 隋拼 (Zyepheng): zyepheng.js
  • Sliark 拼音 (Sliark’s Romanization): sliark_peengqvim.js

切韻音系擬音 reconstruction of the Qieyun phonological system

  • 高本漢擬音 (Bernhard Karlgren’s Reconstruction): karlgren.js
  • 王力擬音 (Wang Li’s Reconstruction): wangli.js
  • 潘悟雲擬音 (Pan Wuyun’s Reconstruction): panwuyun.js
  • unt 切韻擬音 (unt’s Qieyun Reconstruction): unt.js
  • msoeg 中古擬音 V8 (msoeg’s Middle Chinese Reconstruction V8): msoeg_v8.js

推導後世音系 extrapolated later phonological system

  • 推導盛中唐擬音 (Extrapolated Reconstruction of High and Middle Tang Chinese): mid_tang.js
  • 推導《聲音唱和圖》擬音 (Extrapolated Reconstruction of Shing-im Chiang-xhua Dhu): chiangxhua.js
  • 推導《中原音韻》擬音 (Extrapolated Reconstruction of Zhongyuan Yinyun): zhongyuan.js
  • 推導《分韻撮要》擬音 (Extrapolated Reconstruction of Fan-Wan Tsʽüt-Iú): fanwan.js
  • 推導普通話 (Extrapolated Putonghua): putonghua.js
  • 推導廣州音 (Extrapolated Cantonese): gwongzau.js
  • 推導上海話 (Extrapolated Shanghainese): zaonhe.js
  • 推導南京話 (Extrapolated Nankinese): langjin.js
  • 推導大埔話 (Extrapolated Taibu Hakka): taibu.js

人造音系 artificial phonological system

  • 綾香思考音系 (Ayaka’s Phonological System for Thinking): ayaka_v8.js