financial management iOS application with customizable budgets, data visualization, and expenditure notifications
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Lucre CSCI 310 Semester Project

Lucre: making spending simple

Lucre is a mobile iOS application that enables users to track their spending with customizable budgets and categories. By keeping a log of manually entered transactions in a user friendly way, people can be more aware of the money they have and spend on a regular basis. As college students and young adults, we often have trouble keeping track of finances in the same way that previous generations did(i.e. checkbooks and written logs). $anity fills the need for a mobile application that tracks and logs spending data in a natural and comprehensible format. Categories, budgets, and graphs make it easy to see where your money is going and how much money you can still spend, while notifying you when you are nearing and when you exceed your budget limits.


  1. Install Xcode 9
  2. Clone or download repository
  3. Install CocoaPods (explained here:
  4. In Terminal and within the cloned repository, run the command "pod install" to install the necessary dependencies

Build and Run:

  1. Open Sanity.xcworkspace
  2. Choose your desired device to build on, we recommend iPhone 8 Plus
  3. Select the 'Build' button within Xcode to build the project. This will take a few minutes, but a simulator window will display the application on the device chosen in step 2
  4. A test login was created for email: and password: tester but feel free to sign up with your own USC email!
  5. Enjoy!