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- fix AR again
- blocks for joins
- fix sql insertions
- implement mnesia adapter
- CLEANUP!!!!!
- rename externalize to derived.
- deal with table tests in algebra
- fix grouping
- audit unit coverage of algebra
- data objects
- remove all explicit aliasing
- scoped writes
- refactor adapter pattern
- break out adapters into sep modules
- projection is by definition distincting?
- union/intersection
- cache expiry on write
- transactions
- and/or w/ predicates
. Relation <=> Relation -> InnerJoinOperation
. Relation << Relation -> LeftOuterJoinOperation
. InnerJoinOperation.on(*Predicate) -> InnerJoinRelation
. LeftOuterJoinOperation.on(*Predicate) -> LeftOuterJoinRelation
. Relation[Symbol] -> Attribute
. Relation[Range] -> Relation
. Attribute == Attribute -> EqualityPredicate
. Attribute >= Attribute -> GreaterThanOrEqualToPredicate
. Relation.include?(Column) -> Predicate
. Relation.project(*Column) -> ProjectRelation
.*Predicate) -> SelectionRelation
. Relation.order(*Column) -> OrderRelation
. #to_sql
. Remove Builder
. Namespace
. Audit SqlAlchemy for missing features
- Generalized denormalizations on any aggregation (count, yes, but also max, min, average)
- Remove operator overloading of << and <=> for joins. Make it just foo.join(bar) and foo.outer_join(bar).
- Remove operator overloading of == for predicates. make it a.eq(b) (note lack of question mark).
- hookup more predicates (=, <=, =>)
- get some basic aggregations working: users.project(user[:points].max)
- Alias Table Names
- When joining with any sort of aggregation, it needs to be a nested select
- get a value select working: users.project(users[:name],[:user_id] == users[:id]).project(addresses[:id].count))
- Session
- sublimate values to deal with the fact that they must be quoted per engine
- clean-up singleton monstrosity
- extract hashing module
- hash custom matcher
- make session engine stuff follow laws of demeter - currently doing some odd method chaining? rethink who is responsible for what
- session just calls execute, passing in a connection; by default it gets a connection from the relation.
- #formatter is now on value, attribute and relation; you must admit it's name is confusing given that e.g., relation already has a formatter (Sql::Relation) ... should it be called predicate formatter? operand1.to_sql(operand2.predicate) maybe prefer operand1.cast(operand2) or project or in light of
- renamed to #format: operand1.format(operand2)
- rename sql strategies
- need to_sql for ranges
- {:conditions=>{:id=>2..3}}
- nested orderings
- string passthrough
- conditions
- orderings
- relation inclusion when given an array (1,2,3,4) should quote the elements using the appropriate quoting formatter taken from the attribute
- descend on array, along with bind written in terms of it
- re-evaluate bind -- does bind belong inside the relation / predicate classes or in the factory methods?
- string passthrough:
:joins=>"INNER JOIN posts ON comments.post_id ="
- finish pending tests
- test relation, table reset
- test Value, in particular bind.
- test blank checks in relation.rb
- rename active_relation to arel
- mock out database
- fix complex joining cases:
- active record query adapter
- anonymous table names
- Explicitly model recursive structural decomposition / polymorphism
- Explicitly model the namer/externalizer using interpreter jargon
- All Sql Strategies should be accumulations with the top-level relation?
- instance methodify externalize
- test: find_attribute_given_attribute and all @attribute ||= everywhere and memoization of table class.
- rename select to where
- rename all ion classes
- joining with LIMIT is like aggregations!!
- blocks for non-joins
- expressions should be class-based, and joins too, anything _sql should be renamed
- implement in memory adapter
- clean up block_given stuff
- reorganize sql tests
- recursive memory operations
- reorganize memory tests
- result sets to attr correlation too
- implement joins in memory
- result sets should be array relations
- fix AR
- insertions for in memory
- cross-engine joins
- #bind in Attribute and Expression should be doing a descend?
- try to make aggegration testing in join spec to be a bit more unit-like
- standardize quoting
- use strings everywhere, not symbols ?
- "unit" test sql strategies
- use real world examples, so they should be like a tutorial.
- rename the tion (Selection) classes so that words that don't end in tion don't seem inconsistent
- consider this code from has_many:
# replace the SELECT clause with COUNT(*), preserving any hints within /* ... */
@reflection.options[:counter_sql] = @reflection.options[:finder_sql].sub(/SELECT (\/\*.*?\*\/ )?(.*)\bFROM\b/im) { "SELECT #{$1}COUNT(*) FROM" }
- lock
- SELECT suchandsuch FOR UPDATE
- joins become subselects in writes: