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Dynamically evaluated Scala for configuration
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Dynamically evaluates scala files, allowing type safe configuration.

Configulous is an alternative to textual configuration formats such as YAML, JSON, or .properties files. Its advantages over these text formats are

  • Strong typing and compiler checking. If it doesn't compile and doesn't conform to the type you expect, you get an exception
  • The full power of Scala in your config. You don't have to use it. But you can.

Configulous looks in a directory for a collection of Scala snippets (not classes or objects), wraps them in an evaluator object, dynamically compiles them, and then returns you the results.


A not exciting configuration file (Config.scala):


val config = new MyApplicationConfig
config.initialSize = 10
config.mode = "synchronous"

And from the sbt console

sbt console
scala> import com.twitter.configulous._
import com.twitter.configulous._

scala> Configulous.config[MyApplicationConfig]      
res0: MyApplicationConfig = MyApplicationConfig(10, "synchronous")


Current Status

No tests. No real testing. No running on non-OSX/non-SBT/non-Sun-JDK platforms

The Good News

Shit basically works


Original idea by Nick Kallen (@nk)

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