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base fork: nkallen/scrooge
head fork: nkallen/scrooge
Commits on Oct 03, 2011
Robey Pointer send the error string back, for uncaught exceptions 4bd5afa
Commits on Oct 04, 2011
Ian Ownbey Start counting enums at 0 like everyone else (mainly ruby) bcc7ed7
Ian Ownbey Merge branch 'master' of cb636ee
Ian Ownbey 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT bb94eaa
Ian Ownbey org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.0.0 bc34424
Ian Ownbey org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.0.1-SNAPSHOT b5aaf2a
Commits on Oct 07, 2011
@jjmmcc jjmmcc handle qualified service names e1709fb
@jjmmcc jjmmcc CHANGELOG 34f9409
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.0.1 e6f0a92
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.0.2-SNAPSHOT 6484a8a
Commits on Oct 14, 2011
@jjmmcc jjmmcc recursively map namespaces cd20951
@jjmmcc jjmmcc bs 9347d85
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.0.2 28a5715
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.0.3-SNAPSHOT 5b6229c
Commits on Oct 24, 2011
@johanoskarsson johanoskarsson Allow a tracer to be set on the ServerBuilder d79aed3
Ian Ownbey Https for maven b403e9f
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
@jjmmcc jjmmcc changelog dcca17c
@jjmmcc jjmmcc 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT; df39198
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.1.0 5123b0f
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.1.1-SNAPSHOT f97a8ae
Commits on Nov 04, 2011
@johanoskarsson johanoskarsson Change to use tracerFactory instead of the now deprecated tracer method. a02c194
@johanoskarsson johanoskarsson 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT f772697
@johanoskarsson johanoskarsson org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.2.0 3f66ed2
@johanoskarsson johanoskarsson org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.2.1-SNAPSHOT b38e2a8
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
Nick Kallen Revert "1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"
This reverts commit c2c27d4.
Nick Kallen Merge remote-tracking branch 'twitter/master' into use_finagles_lates…

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