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Component-wrapper for collapse animation with react-motion for elements with variable (and dynamic) height
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react-collapse npm


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Component-wrapper for collapse animation with react-motion for elements with variable (and dynamic) height

React Collapse



npm install --save react react-motion react-collapse

Don't forget to manually install peer dependencies (react, react-motion) if you use npm@3.

1998 Script Tag:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
(Module exposed as `ReactCollapse`)


Codepen demo


Default behaviour, never unmounts content

import {Collapse} from 'react-collapse';

// ...
<Collapse isOpened={true || false}>
  <div>Random content</div>

If you want to unmount collapsed content, use Unmount component provided as:

import {UnmountClosed} from 'react-collapse';

// ...
<UnmountClosed isOpened={true || false}>
  <div>Random content</div>


isOpened: PropTypes.boolean.isRequired

Expands or collapses content.

children: PropTypes.node.isRequired

One or multiple children with static, variable or dynamic height.

<Collapse isOpened={true}>
  <p>Paragraph of text</p>
  <p>Another paragraph is also OK</p>
  <p>Images and any other content are ok too</p>
  <img src="nyancat.gif" />

hasNestedCollapse: PropTypes.bool (default: false)

If Collapse component has more Collapse components inside, it needs hasNestedCollapse to be set to avoid delayed animations. See for tech details.

<Collapse isOpened={true} hasNestedCollapse={true}>
  <Collapse isOpened={true}>
    <div>Nested collapse</div>
  <Collapse isOpened={true}>
    <div>Nested collapse</div>

fixedHeight: PropTypes.number

If content's height is known ahead it is possible pass optional fixedHeight prop with number of pixels.

<Collapse isOpened={true} fixedHeight={100}>
  <div>Animated container will always expand to 100px height</div>

springConfig: PropTypes.objectOf(PropTypes.number)

Custom config {stiffness, damping, precision} passed to the spring function (see

import {presets} from 'react-motion';

<Collapse isOpened={true} springConfig={presets.wobbly}>
  <div>Wobbly animated container</div>
<Collapse isOpened={true} springConfig={{stiffness: 100, damping: 20}}>
  <div>Customly animated container</div>

forceInitialAnimation: PropTypes.boolean

When initially opened, by default collapse content will be opened without animation, instantly. With this option set to true you can enforce initial rendering to be smoothly expanded from 0. It is used internally in Unmount component implementation.

theme: PropTypes.objectOf(PropTypes.string)

It is possible to set className for extra div elements that ReactCollapse creates.


<Collapse theme={{collapse: 'foo', content: 'bar'}}>
  <div>Customly animated container</div>

Default values:

const theme = {
  collapse: 'ReactCollapse--collapse',
  content: 'ReactCollapse--content'

Which ends up in the following markup:

<div class="ReactCollapse--collapse">
  <div class="ReactCollapse--content">

NOTE: these are not style objects, but class names!

onRest: PropTypes.func

Callback function for animation finished from react-motion. It can be used to trigger any function after animation is done.

<Collapse onRest={() => console.log(123)}>
  <div>Container text</div>

onMeasure: PropTypes.func

Callback function for changes in height. Also passes measured width. As an example it can be used to implement auto-scroll if content expand below the fold.

<Collapse onMeasure={({height, width}) => this.setState({height, width})}>
  <div>Container text</div>

onRender: PropTypes.func

Callback function for every re-render while animating.

Passes current height, as well as from/to heights.

DANGEROUS use with caution, may have huge performance impact if used improperly. Never do setState with it, since it is running while rendering and React will shoot Warning.

Possible usage: synchronous scrolling of some other component

<Collapse onRender={({current, from, to}) => (this.anotherComponent.scrollTop = current)}>
  <div>Container text</div>

Pass-through props

All other props are applied to a container that is being resized. So it is possible to pass style or className, for example.

<Collapse isOpened={true}
  style={{width: 200, border: '1px solid red'}}

    Animated container has red border, 200px width
    and has `class="collapse"`

Behaviour notes

  • initially opened Collapse elements will be statically rendered with no animation (see #19)
  • it is possible to override overflow and height styles for Collapse (see #16), and ReactCollapse may behave unexpectedly. Do it only when you definitely know you need it, otherwise, never override overflow and height styles.
  • Due to the complexity of margins and their potentially collapsible nature, ReactCollapse does not support (vertical) margins on their children. It might lead to the animation "jumping" to its correct height at the end of expanding. To avoid this, use padding instead of margin. (see #101)

Migrating from v2 to v3

  1. Use named exports, it is a preferred way


import Collapse from 'react-collapse';


import {Collapse} from 'react-collapse';
  1. Default behavior changed to never unmount collapsed element. To actually unmount use extra provided component UnmountCollapsed


import Collapse from 'react-collapse';

<Collapse isOpened={true || false}>
  <div>Random content</div>


import {UnmountClosed as Collapse} from 'react-collapse';

<Collapse isOpened={true || false}>
  <div>Random content</div>
  1. onHeightReady renamed to onMeasure which now takes object of shape {width, height}


<Collapse onHeightReady={height => console.log(height)}>
  <div>Random content</div>


<Collapse onMeasure={({height, width}) => console.log(height, width)}>
  <div>Random content</div>
  1. Some new props/features: hasNestedCollapse, forceInitialAnimation, onRender, etc

Development and testing

Currently is being developed and tested with the latest stable Node 8 on OSX.

To run example covering all ReactCollapse features, use yarn start, which will compile example/Example.js

git clone
cd react-collapse
yarn install
yarn start

# then
open http://localhost:8080


# to run ESLint check
yarn lint

# to run tests
yarn test

# to run end-to-end tests
# first, run `selenium/standalone-firefox:3.4.0` docker image
docker run -p 4444:4444 selenium/standalone-firefox:3.4.0
# then run test
yarn e2e



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