Script to upload the result of a command to google cloud storage. Used for dump backup.
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Script to upload the result of a command to google cloud storage. Great for dump backup.

Newer version written in go in my other repo.


This script is for Google cloud storage, it uses Google python client library to send the result of a command to a bucket (for example save the result of a pg_dump or whatever you want). Don't need to provide password each time, it is made to be used fully alone.
Note : it saves files with text/plain;charset=utf-8


The google-api-python library must be installed. See

With ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client


If not already done, create a project in your console developer ( and create a new bucket in the cloud storage area (you may before need to activate google cloud storage api).
You need to edit the script with your service account key path (see security section).


To access your bucket, you must provide a service account key and an email. To do so, look at your api & auth section of your console developer (see After that, provide the given file to the script by setting PRIVATE_KEY_PATH.


You must provide to the script your command and your bucket. Examples :
$ python "ls -la" gs://bucket/object
$ python "pg_dump my_database" gs://bucket/object

Encrypt content

Sometimes you'll want to encrypt your data before storing. It might be a good thing.
Nothing more easy. You can pipe your command with something that encrypt your data. For example with aescript (see you can do that :
$ python "pg_dump my_database | aescrypt -e -k storage.key - "gs://my-bucket-ch/pgsql/$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M).sql.aes