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How Swarm satisfies Container Orchestration requirements

Multiple Nodes to be part of a cluster

Unique ID/Token to bind all the nodes in a unique cluster

  • Swarm Token ID

Container Engine

  • Docker

Single source of truth about configuration for nodes

  • Libkv
    • Etcd
    • Consul
    • Zookeeper
    • BoltDB

Network for containers of different nodes to talk to each other

  • Libnetwork
    • Drivers ** null ** bridge ** overlay ** remote


  • Docker Network Plugins
    • Weave
    • Calico

Scheduler to schedule the containers on nodes based on

  • Filters

    • Node filter ** constraint ** health

    • Container filters ** affinity ** dependency ** port

  • Strategies

    • spread
    • binpack
    • random

Service discovery within the cluster

  • Through environment variables
  • Internal DNS server

Access from outside world

Access to external shared storage

  • Docker Volume plugins ** GLusterFS ** Rex-Ray ** Flocker


  • Swarm Frontend - To deploy k8s and Mesos-Marathon using Docker Compose
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