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Docker as hypervisor driver for Openstack Nova Compute

Neependra Khare, Red Hat

What is Docker ?

It is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.


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Virt and IaaS

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Docker Support in OpenStack - Nova

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Docker Support in OpenStack - Nova

  • Docker driver (Since Havana)
  • Driver is not in main source code tree
    • Faster Dev Cycle, Would be merged in Future
  • Implements OpenStack API

Setup with DevStack on Fedora 20

  • Install Docker
  • Clone nova-docker and devstack
$ git clone /opt/stack/nova-docker
$ git clone /opt/stack/devstack
  • Note : only needed until we can make use of configure_nova_hypervisor_rootwrap
git clone /opt/stack/nova
  • Prepare the devstack for installation
$ cd /opt/stack/nova-docker
$ ./contrib/devstack/
  • Start the Devstack setup

Setup with DevStack on Fedora 20 makes following changes :- in localrc file, appends following :-

export VIRT_DRIVER=docker
export DEFAULT_IMAGE_NAME=cirros
export IMAGE_URLS=" "

Setup with DevStack on Fedora 20 makes following changes

  • in nova.conf file, changes the compute driver
compute_driver = novadocker.virt.docker.DockerDriver
  • Adds /etc/nova/rootwrap.d/docker.filters file with following content
# nova/virt/docker/ 'ln', '-sf', '/var/run/netns/.*'
ln: CommandFilter, /bin/ln, root
  • in glance.conf, adds docker as container/image format
container_formats = ami,ari,aki,bare,ovf,docker

Import a docker image to glance

$ source openrc
$ export OS_USERNAME=admin
$ docker pull fedora
$ sudo docker save fedora | glance image-create --is-public=True \
 --container-format=docker --disk-format=raw --name fedora
$ glance image-list

Docker plugin for heat (Openstack Orchestration)

alt text

  • Deploy and manage containers
  • Native Docker API