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# Version
GIT_VERSION = $(shell bin/
DATE = $(shell date '+%F')
# You can set these variables from the command line.
# Internal variables.
PAPEROPT = -D latex_paper_size=a4
ALLSPHINXOPTS = -d .build/doctrees $(PAPEROPT) $(SPHINXOPTS) .
.PHONY: clean help html pdf pickle htmlhelp latex changes linkcheck web
@echo "Please use \`make <target>' where <target> is one of"
@echo " html to make standalone HTML files"
@echo " pdf to make a standalone PDF file"
@echo " pickle to make pickle files"
@echo " json to make JSON files"
@echo " htmlhelp to make HTML files and a HTML help project"
@echo " changes to make an overview over all changed/added/deprecated items"
@echo " linkcheck to check all external links for integrity"
@echo " release to make four tar.gz files to easily deploy the doc"
-rm -rf .build/*
-rm -f hforge-docs-*.tgz itools-examples-*.tgz itools-reference-*.tgz
cd itools && make clean
cd ikaaro && make clean
cd git && make clean
cd i18n && make clean
cd itools-api && make clean
cd itools && make png
cd ikaaro && make png
cd git && make png
cd i18n && make png
cd itools && make pdf
cd ikaaro && make pdf
cd git && make pdf
cd i18n && make pdf
html: png-figures
mkdir -p .build/html .build/doctrees
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b html $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) .build/html
@echo "Build finished. The HTML pages are in .build/html."
mkdir -p .build/pickle .build/doctrees
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b pickle $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) .build/pickle
@echo "Build finished; now you can process the pickle files."
web: pickle
mkdir -p .build/json .build/doctrees
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b json $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) .build/json
@echo "Build finished; now you can process the JSON files."
mkdir -p .build/htmlhelp .build/doctrees
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b htmlhelp $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) .build/htmlhelp
@echo "Build finished; now you can run HTML Help Workshop with the" \
".hhp project file in .build/htmlhelp."
latex: pdf-figures
mkdir -p .build/latex .build/doctrees
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b latex $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) .build/latex
@echo "Build finished; the LaTeX files are in .build/latex."
@echo "Run \`make all-pdf' or \`make all-ps' in that directory to" \
"run these through (pdf)latex."
pdf: latex
cd .build/latex && make all-pdf
@echo "Your PDF is available in .build/latex"
mkdir -p .build/changes .build/doctrees
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b changes $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) .build/changes
@echo "The overview file is in .build/changes."
mkdir -p .build/linkcheck .build/doctrees
$(SPHINXBUILD) -b linkcheck $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) .build/linkcheck
@echo "Link check complete; look for any errors in the above output " \
"or in .build/linkcheck/output.txt."
release: html pdf
cd .build/html && tar czf ../../hforge-docs-html-$(GIT_VERSION).tgz *
cd .build/latex && tar czf ../../hforge-docs-pdf-$(GIT_VERSION).tgz \
itools-tutorial.pdf user-guide.pdf \
administrator-guide.pdf i18n.pdf \
git.pdf style.pdf packaging.pdf \
windows.pdf itools-reference.pdf
cd itools && tar czf ../itools-examples-$(GIT_VERSION).tgz examples
@echo "***** SUMMARY *****"
@echo "html doc is available ./hforge-docs-html-$(GIT_VERSION).tgz and"
@echo "pdf doc is available ./hforge-docs-pdf-$(GIT_VERSION).tgz"
@echo "itools-examples is available ./itools-examples-$(GIT_VERSION).tgz"