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core files for the ZTM CMS based on iKaaro and iTWS
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ITWS allows you to deploy and maintain, in an easy way, multiple websites.

ITWS offers high level features through a user friendly interface:

- News streams also usable as a simple blog
- Tags cloud
- Slideshow: multiple page content which can be displayed with specific layout
- Sections with composite layout
- Sidebar which could contain static data like web pages or dynamic
  data like:
  - filtered news
  - tag cloud
  - table of content
  - twitter/ stream
  - specific menu
- RSS feeds:

  - emission website's global, by tag or for news
  - display of external feeds with multiplexing and filtering

- Configurable menu
- Contents are editable directly through the front office, a specific editing
  mode adds helpers
- Inline editing of CSS, favicon, etc.
- Customizable Footer with multiple content which could be ordered or
- `Sitemap`_

ITWS stands for ITaapy WebSites. It is the fruit of `Itaapy`_'s work for its
clients. It tries to responds different needs with a coherent product.

Based on iKaaro

ITWS is a built on top of `iKaaro`_. It adds features to help communication and
ease of use.

iKaaro is a complete CMS featuring

- Multilingual contents
- Full search capabilities thanks to `Xapian`_
- Versioning of all contents and metadata
- A set of modules: agenda, forums, tracker, etc...
- A wiki which can generate ODT books (using lpOD project libraries)
- User and role management
- Flexible workflow engine
- One-click on line editing (external editor)

iKaaro (and the itools libraries) main technical characteristics are:

- `RESTFul`_ architecture
- Built around data: the object database is based on file system with data in
  its original format
- Heavy use of standards (iCal, XHTML, XML)
- Use of git as the transaction manager and versioning system

Learn more

ITWS home page:

Browse ITWS code at

Participate through:

- itools mailing list, see
- Bug tracker:


 - itools 0.62.x (
 - ikaaro 0.62.x (

Install & Deployment

See the file "INSTALL" for information on installing ITWS and deploying a

.. _`Sitemap`:
.. _`Itaapy`:
.. _`iKaaro`:
.. _`Xapian`:
.. _`RESTFul`:

Known issues

MapBox does not allow to use diferents 'render' (OSM, GoogleMap) inside the
same page. This is because, the scripts override each other.


To build documentation use ikaaro script::


Build documentation PDF::

  $ pdf
  $ evince docs/_build/latex/index.pdf
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