Generic platformer and Phaser 3 bootstrap project
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Generic Platformer and Phaser Bootstrap Project

Phaser 3 + ES6 + Webpack

This repository started as a sandbox for testing out Phaser 3 while it was in Beta bundeled with a few examples. These examples are now removed and replaced with a generic platformer project that explores Phaser 3 API. With the example project removed this is still a good boiler plate to start with. The aim of the platformer is not to relase a game but to try stuff out and to share something for others to learn from. I usually think the best way to learn is to read and manipulate source code. A quick disclaimer though, even if my aim is to identify best practices that's far from where the source code is today. I don't use pools. I do define at least one global function. Etc etc.

Running example

Live demo:

The boiler plate code is based on the excellent Bootstrap project for Phaser 2 "Phaser + ES6 + Webpack" (, which was based on and Most of this project is an exact copy of that repository, only with the Phaser package updated to Phaser 3 and the example replaced with one based on Phaser 3. If (or when) Lean releases a Phaser 3 version of their own I'll probably shift to use that and focus on the generic platformer.

Disclaimer: The generic platformer isn't an attempt to recreate any copyrighted game, and it will not become a playable game. You get nothing out of this besides learning about Phaser 3.


Please any submit issues you have, including proposals. Ask me before preparing a PR or your PR might be rejected if in conflict with other ideas and planned way to do stuff. This would be great:

  • Feedback on best practises and why I'm being stupid
  • Extend the sprites texture atlas from the spritesheets I still use so I can dump them

Parts of API used:

A messy list of things I used from the Phaser API. I'll try to improve this, but it gives a hint of what you might expect to find in the source code to read bring to your own projects.


  • image, tilemapTiledJSON, spritesheet, atlas, audio, audiosprite, bitmapFont, plugin


  • Phaser.Input.Keyboard
  • Touch controls


  • Audioatlas (including some event listeners)
  • Music (pause/resume/rate)


  • Animating sprites



  • Background clouds


  • All sprites are ES6 extensions of native Phaser.Sprite


  • Acceleration
  • body sizes
  • pause
  • collisions and overlap sprite/sprite and sprite/tilemaplayer


  • Sprites are put in groups


  • For score and timer


  • entering pipes, ending the world etc.

Thanks to

  • The Phaser team @photonstorm, @mikewesthad and @pavle-goloskokovic for building Phaser 3 in general and for assisting while building this.
  • @AleBles - Updated webpack-stuff when the project was stalled at Beta 19.


You’ll need to install a few things before you have a working copy of the project.

1. Clone this repo:

Navigate into your workspace directory.


git clone

2. Install node.js and npm:

3. Install dependencies (optionally you could install yarn):

Navigate to the cloned repo’s directory.


npm install

or if you choose yarn, just run yarn

4. Run the development server:


npm run dev

This will run a server so you can run the game in a browser.

Open your browser and enter localhost:3000 into the address bar.

Also this will start a watch process, so you can change the source and the process will recompile and refresh the browser.

Build for deployment:


npm run deploy

This will optimize and minimize the compiled bundle.