This is my org-mode based emacs config. First, init.el loads some basic settings and bootstraps use-package. then it loads
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My org more config

This works by reading init.el which then uses org-babel to tangle into config.el to finish setting up my mac OSX Emacs environment.

Nick’s Emacs config

I started using emacs when I started learning Clojure using Daniel Higginbotham’s book Clojure for the brave and true. Initially, I used his stock emacs config file which was great to get started. Now, I am obsessed with Emacs and org-mode and am trying to learn more emacs-lisp so I can customize more intelligently and make this thing my own. This is heavily based on this video and the github repo Other files I found useful and continue to refer to:

This one is what started my obsession with the org config. Still working on the shell scripts to set up the environment.

For research

research toolkit, very useful

In the past I have had trouble with weird library errors. I have found that often this is due to byte compilation errors and removing all .elc files seems to fix the problem.

Click my to see my config.