openframeworks addon for posterize images with opencv
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ofxPosterize is ad addon for openFrameworks, creative coding enviroment in C++.

ofxPosterize is usefull for apply posterization effect to images.

So, from this:


to this:


###How it works For theory guys: it involves process as image quantization, data clustering and segmentation.

For code guys: it uses OpenCV library, in particular the opencv2 c++ API.

For now it uses kmeans algorithm.

###Dependencies It uses ofxCv addons and the precompiled opencv lib used in ofxOpenCV. Add them in the project.

###Examples For now there is only one example :-) This example is a palette extractor. You give an image, it extract 9 colors from it. The example is thought to be used from designer and so the result is displayed in a web-page where designers can easily copy the palette in RGB and hex format. The example can be seen here