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MagicMirror module to display RBB weather data
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This is a module for the awesome MagicMirror². It displays local weather data for cities in Berlin and Brandenburg (Germany) based on RBB weather data.


Install the module

Go to modules folder

cd modules/

Clone this module from Github

git clone

Switch to newly created module folder

cd MMM-RBB-Weather/

Install dependencies

npm install --only=prod

After adding this module to your config (see below) restart your MagicMirror.

Update the module

Go to modules folder

cd modules/MMM-RBB-Weather

Pull changes from Github

git pull

Install new dependencies

npm install --only=prod

Since this repository ignores the automatically generated package-lock.json, pulling changes should always work. If not, try to reset your module with git reset --hard before pulling new changes.

Using the module

To use this module, add the following configuration block to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

var config = {
    modules: [
            module: 'MMM-RBB-Weather',
            position: "top_right", // All available positions
            config: {
                // See below for configurable options, this is optional

Configuration options

All options are optional so the module works out of the box.

Option Description
id City ID for data, see table below

Type: String
Default: 18228265 (Berlin)
days Days shown in forecast table. Set this to 0 to display only current weather. Data for seven days are available (including today), so 7 is the maximum here.

Type: Number
Default: 4
animationSpeed Duration of content refresh animation in seconds.

Type: Number
Default: 1
updateInterval Time between loading new weather data in seconds.

Type: Number
Default: 600 (10 minutes)
showCurrentText Flag to display current weather text.

Type: Boolean
Default: true
showCurrentWindspeed Flag to display current windspeed information.

Type: Boolean
Default: true
showRainProbability Flag to display rain probability in forecast table.

Type: Boolean
Default: true
showWindspeed Flag to display windspeed in forecast table.

Type: Boolean
Default: false
animateCurrentIcon Flag to animate icon for current data.

Type: Boolean
Default: true
animateForecastIcon Flag to animate icons in forecast table.

Type: Boolean
Default: false
dayFormat Day format in forecast table, see Moment.js formats for details.

Type: String
Default: ddd
splitCurrentTextGreater Split current weather text if it is larger than this value. Set it to 0 to disable splitting.

Type: Number
Default: 30
tableClass Classes added to forecast table. Could be used for additional styling, sizing etc.

Type: String
Default: small
whiteIcons Flag to convert weather icons to simple white icons.

Type: Boolean
Default: true

Known issues

The animated icons consume a high amount of memory, resulting in an Electron crash and therefore a black MagicMirror screen. If you experience this issue, please use static icons instead (as described in Configuration options). Refer to issue #16 for more information.


If you have any problems or questions, feel free to open an issue. There are many possible improvements for this module so please let me know if you miss something.

Developer notes

To run all unit tests just fire this command in the module folder

# Install also dev dependencies
npm install

# Run tests
npm test

You can also check if RBB endpoints are available and still providing correct data

npm run test-int

City IDs

Use one of these city IDs in your config.

City ID
Berlin 18228265
Adlershof 10385a
Alexanderplatz 10389
Frohnau 10382a
Marzahn 10385
Spandau 10382
Steglitz 10381
Tempelhof 10384
Angermünde 18230230
Bad Belzig 18229487
Baruth/Mark 18230080
Beelitz 18229472
Beeskow 18229143
Bernau 18228278
Brandenburg an der Havel 18228266
Brüssow 18230250
Calau 18229056
Cottbus 18228271
Dahme/Mark 18230095
Döbern 18229988
Eberswalde 18228294
Eisenhüttenstadt 18229162
Elsterwerda 18228547
Erkner 18229163
Finsterwalde 18228558
Forst (Lausitz) 18230011
Frankfurt (Oder) 18228272
Fürstenberg/Havel 18228959
Fürstenwalde/Spree 18229182
Gransee 18228963
Guben 18230026
Halbe 18228401
Herzberg (Elster) 18228577
Joachimstahl 18228313
Jüterbog 18230130
Ketzin 18228716
Kyritz 18229352
Lauchhammer 18229094
Lenzen (Elbe) 18229847
Liebenwalde 18228997
Lieberose 18228434
Lübben (Spreewald) 18228438
Luckau 18228447
Luckenwalde 18230140
Ludwigsfelde 18230147
Meyenburg 18229860
Nauen 18228740
Neuruppin 18229380
Oranienburg 18229023
Ortrand 18229107
Perleberg 18229869
Potsdam 18228273
Prenzlau 18230337
Pritzwalk 18229917
Rathenow 18228756
Rheinsberg 18229398
Rhinow 18228761
Schönefeld 18228481
Schwedt/Oder 18230366
Seelow 18228926
Senftenberg 18229131
Spremberg 18230063
Strausberg 18228931
Templin 18230375
Treuenbrietzen 18229671
Wittenberge 18229970
Wittstock/Dosse 18229432
Wriezen 18228940
Ziesar 18229718

License: MIT


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