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With 1.0.0-rc.10, electron ^4.0.0 will be available for use when invoking the generator, and ^3.0.0 will be the default. Internally (for testing), electron v4 is used, along with spectron v5. The background.js no longer relies on process.env.NODE_ENV to determine whether to load from the dev server or from the packaged app (#164).

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This release removes use of flatmap-stream, which contains a major security vulnerability, used in event-stream. Also, make sure you read this message and follow the instructions there!

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  • If your project uses Jest, you will be prompted to set up a Spectron test when adding this plugin (#128, 57895c7)

Bug fixes:

  • The app protocol is used to load index.html, fixes some CORS issues (#129, 8dc5bba)
  • --dashboard is now removed from electron-builder args, so builds started with the CLI UI will work (#48 (comment), d122fe6)

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These releases fix #117, where installVueDevtools() would not return a promise. If you are using electron@^3.0.0, it is recommended that you upgrade. You do not need to re-invoke the generator.

Oct 26, 2018
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This release includes a hotfix for #117, where Electron v3 would only display a blank screen. It also removes the need of the <base> tag in the index.html. After updating, remove that line, and your app will continue to work as normal.

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Breaking Changes

Yes, I know it is in RC phase, but these needed to happen before the final release.

This release changes the command names!
yarn (serve|build):electron
yarn electron:(serve|build)
This was changed to make it match other Vue CLI Plugins, see #94 for more info.

You MUST re-invoke the generator if you upgrade to this version. To do so, run vue invoke electron-builder. This is caused because:
Previously, your app would be packaged relative to the project's root. Since your built code is placed in dist_electron/bundled, __dirname in a built app would be [path-to-install]/resources/app.asar/dist_electron/bundled/. Now, it is packaged relative to dist_electron/bundled. In a built app, __dirname would be [path-to-install]/resources/app.asar/. __static and process.env.BASE_URL will still function the same.


  • You can now choose your desired Electron version when adding this plugin (ec48369)
  • CLI output is prettier, and errors when bundling the main process are friendlier (#105, 61510e7)
  • Custom electron args are now supported (#93, b45b2ef) thanks @zdevwu
  • The output dir can be set with --dest, and changing it no longer requires you to set the main property of your package.json (7e4afa6)
  • Environment variables prefixed with VUE_APP_ can now be accessed in the main process (#83, 23ff11b)

Bug Fixes

  • Electron is killed gracefully during development (#110, ed0bcb8) Huge thanks to @Desuuuu
  • Entry name is now used as output file. This makes it easier to add files to the main process bundling (#106, dc9940b)
  • The installation process of VueJS devtools now supports a dynamically set userData path (83229ec)

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12 issues have been closed since the last release 🎉! This means a lot of small features/fixes.

A few new features

  • Electron's junk output is now stripped from the terminal (#60, da4033e)
  • --skipBundle only runs electron-builder, skipping all bundling (#70, 368a9e4)
  • --legacy disables modern mode while bundling the renderer process (#71, 368a9e4)
  • Add support for custom node_modules folder path when detecting externals (#75, 4cb6886)

And, the bug fixes

  • Support not having a css folder inside dist_electron/bundled (#64, e3cb7cb)
  • Fixes electron not detecting app's product name (#74, 6c76898)

@nklayman nklayman released this Aug 27, 2018 · 80 commits to master since this release

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This release adds a small fix for native modules. Before, if a native module had an index.js it would be marked as not external whether or not the user listed it as an external or other checks marked it as one. (#57, 4df3aeb)

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I am now able to move VCP-Electron-Builder into release candidate stage 🎉 as I fixed two of it's major issues:

To upgrade, you will only need to re-invoke the generator (vue invoke electron-builder) if you need native modules support. Thanks to the smart generator (d4d55c6), only missing code will be added and the rest will be left alone.