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;; Copyright (c) 2012 nklein software
;; MIT License. See included LICENSE.txt file for licensing details.
(asdf:defsystem :unet-sockets-fake
"unet-sockets-fake: fake sockets layer implemented with queues"
:version "0.1.2012.10.02"
:author "Patrick Stein <>"
:licence "MIT"
:depends-on ("unet-sockets" "jpl-queues" "conduit-packages")
((:module "sockets"
((:module "fake"
:components ((:file "interface")
(:file "socket" :depends-on ("interface"))
(:file "make-hash-key")
(:file "get-socket-from-interface"
:depends-on ("interface"
(:file "add-socket-to-interface"
:depends-on ("interface"
(:file "get-address" :depends-on ("interface"))
(:file "create-datagram-socket"
:depends-on ("interface"
(:file "send-datagram"
:depends-on ("interface"
(:file "poll-datagram"
:depends-on ("interface"
(:file "api" :depends-on ("interface"))))))))
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