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Virtual Stock Market Game
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Virtual Stock Market Game

Instructions to run

For the first time : Give permissions - chmod 755 Then simply run the script: ./

OR you can do it manually:

You need to have npm , nodejs and angular/cli installed to run the project
npm install This will install express dependencies
cd bnb Moving to Angular folder
npm install This will install angular dependencies
cd ..
npm run build

Replace APP_ID and APP_Secret with your fb app id and secret in config/auth.js

Disable git to monitor any changes to the auth.js file
git update-index --skip-worktree config/auth.js

TO run tests:

npm test

Instructions to Contribute

  • fork this repo.
  • clone your fork and work in your fork.
  • before creating pull request :git pull --rebase origin <branch>
  • all packages should be installed using npm install <package name> --save
  • There will be frequent merge conflicts in package.json file so resolve them properly.
  • Angular part is in 'bnb' folder.
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