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JVM sdk for, written in Java
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NKN SDK for Java/Kotlin/JVM

Java implementation of NKN sdk.

Send and receive messages between any NKN clients.

This is very work in progress, everything can change!

Where to start?

There is wiki documentation of the client.

You can also have a look at the examples for basic introduction to API. Explore classes mentioned in examples

How to try?

  • Install java8 or bigger
  • Clone repository to a local folder
  • Type ./wemi <ExampleName>/run

Simple as that.

Substitute <ExampleName> for any of the prepared examples:

  • SimpleExample Contains simple unicast message send and receive, response; with an option to opt-out of the end2end encryption scheme.
  • DropBenchmarkExample Leftover test of message drops, from ancient times when sending messages was a lot less reliable
  • MulticastExample Broadcast messages to multiple clients at the same time, including ACK/Response handling
  • WalletExample Demonstration of generating, saving and loading a wallet. Including explorer queries for balance and wallet transaction to register a name or transfer assets to a different wallet
  • PubSubExample Sub transactions, pub message broadcast and receiving.

For more information about wemi build system, visit GitHub page: Darkyenus/WEMI


Can I submit a bug, suggestion or feature request?

Yes. Please open an issue for that.

Can I contribute code to NKN-java-sdk project?

Yes please, we appreciate your help! To make contributions, please fork the repo, push your changes to the forked repo, and open a pull request here.

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