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A high-level library uses multiple concurrent nkn-client-js
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A high-level library that creates multiple nkn-client-js instances by adding identifier prefix (__0__., __1__., __2__., ...) to a nkn address and send/receive packets concurrently. This will greatly increase reliability and reduce latency at the cost of more bandwidth usage (proportional to the number of clients).


For npm:

npm install nkn-multiclient

And then in your code:

const nknMultiClient = require('nkn-multiclient');

For browser, use dist/nkn-multiclient.js or dist/nkn-multiclient.min.js.

nkn-multiclient-js basically has the same API as nkn-client-js, except for a few more initial configurations:

const multiclient = nknMultiClient({
  numSubClients: 3,
  originalClient: false,

where originalClient controls whether a client with original identifier (without adding any additional identifier prefix) will be created, and numSubClients controls how many sub-clients to create by adding prefix __0__., __1__., __2__., etc. Using originalClient: true and numSubClients: 0 is equivalent to using a standard nkn-client-js without any modification to the identifier. Note that if you use originalClient: true and numSubClients is greater than 0, your identifier should not starts with __X__ where X is any number, otherwise you may end up with identifier collision.

Any additional options will be passed to nkn client.

multiclient instance shares the same API as regular nkn client, see nkn-client-js for usage and examples. If you need low-level property or API, you can use multiclient.defaultClient to get the default client and multiclient.clients to get all clients.


Can I submit a bug, suggestion or feature request?

Yes. Please open an issue for that.

Can I contribute patches?

Yes, we appreciate your help! To make contributions, please fork the repo, push your changes to the forked repo with signed-off commits, and open a pull request here.

Please sign off your commit. This means adding a line "Signed-off-by: Name " at the end of each commit, indicating that you wrote the code and have the right to pass it on as an open source patch. This can be done automatically by adding -s when committing:

git commit -s


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