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Our project was to build a “reverse HTTP proxy” or “load balancer”. We added several unique features:

  • Real-time monitoring using HTML5 Web Sockets and HTML5 Canvas
  • Real-time updating of proxy rules (including blacklists, throttling and arbitrary rules)
  • Scriptable Rule engine in JavaScript
  • Deep API for core functionality

This project takes advantage of the Node’s excellent HTTP support, and the high throughput required by such a system. Node.js based HTTP proxies have been benchmarked to perform within a fraction of C-based solutions, such as nginx.

Getting Started

N.B. The admin interface currently requires a web socket capable browser (either Safari 5 or Chrome 6). This does not affect the sites being proxied in any way.

You have probably visited this page by using our HTTP proxy, if you visited http://ko-3-2-1.no.de then you certainly have.

The best place to start seeing what our project can do is to visit our admin and reporting interface . Whenever the proxy is being used the live traffic will appear on the reporting page. You will be able to see each colour coded request represented both in the live throughput graph and the table of requests. If you don’t see any request you can try hitting one of our demo routes .

For a walk-through please see the screen cast below:

Coming Soon


API Documentation