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A tabbed Twitter client, hopefully

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= About =

  A tabbed Twitter interface.
  A chat room can be:
  - a Twitter search stream (for example, a hashtag)
  - a user's timeline
  - a user's private list stream
  - current user private messages
  - current user private messages with another user (emulating PVT messaging/chatrooms)

  For the purpose of Node Knockout, the goal is to allow creating rooms to follow public hashtags (work in progress)
 = About posting messages =

  Although typing a message will display it on the chatroom, messages arent being posted to Twitter.
  48h and 1 man army aren't enough to develop the required security. 
 = Implementation =
 - Data I/O between chatrooms and server is abstracted using the dojo publish/subscriber model. This allows easy implementation
 of adicional networks, as facebook, real IRC ...  
 - Core features are implemented in a "kernel" and everything else is implemented using plugins 

= Requirements =

  * NPM modules
  - connect
  - connect-auth
  - oauth
 = TODO =
 - Focus the chatrooms on the last message
 - Post twitter messages
 - Memcached support
 - Some more.
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