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<h1 id="updates">Nodelay!</h1>
<p><a href="/">This page</a> shows recent edits to the English language wikipedia, <span class="time">right now</span>.</p>
<img id="doggy" src="images/nodelayKnockout.jpg" align="right">
<h2>What / Why / How?</h2>
<p>You're looking at <a href="">team Nodelay</a>'s entry into <a href="">Node Knockout</a>, a 48hr programming contest to explore <a href="">node.js</a>. We decided to transform the output of Wikipedia's IRC edit tracking bot into a tidy stream of JSON objects, annotated with information from external datasources, and then visualize that stream.</p>
<p>So far we're using <a href="">Jerk</a>, <a href="">node-websocket-server</a> <a href="">node-static</a> and <a href="">Step</a> to help parallelize HTTP requests. We borrowed a bit of <a href="">Pircbot</a> to strip formatting information. WebSockets seem to be working in Firefox thanks to a bit of Flash glue from <a href="">web-socket-js</a> and a good old fashioned <a href="">socket policy file</a> on port 843. We also hacked in a polling/long response implementation so it all works on devices without Flash and WebSockets, namely the iPad.</p>
<p>We're listening to the English <a href="">Wikipedia IRC server</a> for update notifications. For each update, we request the page edit metadata using the <a href="">Wikipedia APIs</a> and load additional semantic category data from <a href="">Metaweb's Freebase</a> and try to get a rank for the 'authority' of the wikipedia entry using <a href="">Google</a>. Finally, we return an annotated JSON object to the browser using the <a href="">HTML5 Web Socket APIs</a>. Mashup-tastic!</p>
<p>The physics simulation that pushes your CPU up to 100% is powered by the fabulous <a href="">Protovis</a>. Try using your mousewheel to zoom, drag to pan, <a href="">check out the example</a> to get one for yourself.</p>
<p>We're <a href="">@knodelay</a> on Twitter if you need us.</p>
<a href="" target="nko" title="Help me win Node.js KO!"><img style="position: fixed; top: 5px; right: 5px; border: 0px;" src="" alt="Help me win Node.js KO!" /></a>