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loadTexture(path, function (err, texture){...})
setSize(w, h)
gl = gl context
setTransform({x:?,y:?,w:?,h:?,a:?}) Set's world camera
loadSpriteMap(data, function (err, makeSprite){..})
- makeSprite is a sprite factory "makeSprite(name)"
Sprite(texture, coords)
- draw({x:?,y:?,w:?,h:?,a:?}, )
loadSpriteMap(require('sprites'), function (err, makeSprite) {
if (err) throw err;
var ship1 = makeSprite('ship');
60hz loop
all sprites initially have state 0
screen + 50% padding get .tick(delta) called on them, sprite moves with physics, no collisions, on first call
, mark state as 1
same set of sprites call .check(sprites), collision detection, sprite updates it's own bounding box, return true if box changed, we update it's grid entries
mark state as 2, or 3 if you want to delete it
loop again on list and call splice out of grid if state = DEAD (3)
screen get .render() called on them
mark state as 0
classes of sprites
time based keyframe movement - requires common known algo and synced clocks
fixed objects, simple, never move
players, only the player moves itself, it tells other clients about it's movements
npc, bullets, treasures, master server owns and tells everyone
player moves a part of the world, it tells others about the movement
WebSite Map
/ Intro with art, link to ipk download, and link to launch browser version
/game/scripts?game - all the js pre-compiled by the server
Bootstrapping Game
User connects to /game/index.htm?gameId=TehAw3zoMEz&map=JawsOfDeath, which
1) establishes a persistent, bidirectional connection to the server
- websocket for browser
- tcp for node/SDL client
2) if game with that ID is already running, join it (ignore if map doesn't match). Otherwise, create it.
3) Get copy of level from server
4) Sync world clock with server (use server timestamp + latency correction)
5) Start
- implement graphics engine in WebGL
- SDL platform
- wrap functions for Node WebGL
- Makefile to generate IPKs
- plan plot and story
- PNG for multi-frame sprite animation (actual artwork), JS file that maps into it.
- landing page on webpage
- plan game mechanics and implementation plan
- write game
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