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- title('Locations')
# Locations
Contestants may compete "virtually" from anywhere in the world, but [Joyent]
will be hosting Knockout HQ in San Francisco again this year.
## San Francisco
Details soon.
## Other Locations
Not in San Francisco? Find node.js-loving enthusiasts worldwide. Want to host
a satellite location? [Let us know].
[Let us know]
h3 Munich, Germany
a( href=",+80331+München" ) src=",+80331+München&zoom=15&size=226x140&sensor=false&markers=size:small|Sonnenstr+32,+80331+München" )
h4: a( href: '' )
h5 Sonnenstraße 32, 80331 München
| Coworking space for free to all attendees during the contest.
| Contact
a( href: '' )
h3 New York
a( href=" Broadway+4th+Fl,+New+York,+NY,+10016" ) src=",+NY,+10016&zoom=15&size=226x140&sensor=false&markers=size:small|902+Broadway+New+York,+NY,+10016" )
h4: a( href: '' ) nodejitsu @ General Assembly
| 902 Broadway, 4th Fl
| New York, NY, 10016
p Details soon.
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