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can't use additional technology to _supplement_ node.js™, like amazon
web services™ or MongoDB™.
- ### 48 Hours
+ <h3 id="duration">48 Hours</h3>
You've got precisely 48 hours to develop your web app during the Knockout,
not a minute more. The competition kicks off at [12:00 AM / 00:00 UTC on
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
bug fixes are allowed during judging, or you will be disqualified. Please
don't make us disqualify you; we'll be very sad.
- ### Teams and Contestants
+ <h3 id="teams">Teams and Contestants</h3>
Teams are comprised of between one to four individuals. No more than four
people are allowed on a team (and no less than one). To be eligible, teams
@@ -40,15 +40,15 @@
prevent judges from voting on a team they know personally and they're
committed to stay impartial.
- ### Source Control
+ <h3 id="scm">Source Control</h3>
Source code will be hosted in a shiny, free git repository provided by
[GitHub]. We'll send GitHub repo access information before the competition
starts. Your team should push regularly to show progress. We'll be watching
to make sure people don't cheat (don't think you can develop everything ahead
of time and push it all at the end; we know lots of git tricks too).
- ### Deployment
+ <h3 id="deployment">Deployment</h3>
[nodejitsu] will provide free, private instances to deploy your code to
during the competition. Expect login information before the competition
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
be allowed to restart processes, free up disk space, and other general
sysadmin tasks, including playing lots of StarCraft 2.
- ### Web Application
+ <h3 id="web">Web Application</h3>
Entries _should_ be web applications. It's hard for judges (especially the
general public) to fairly evaluate entries that require compilation or setup.
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
the web, then we encourage you to think of a clever way to share it as a
website (e.g. via [VNC]) or market it (e.g. [jQuery Quicksand]).
- ### Technical Entries
+ <h3 id="technical">Technical Entries</h3>
If you want to make sure that the expert judges looking at your app have a
technical background, you'll have an option to label your entry so. We'll
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@
non-technical judges may still be called on to judge your app if technical
entries greatly outnumber technical judges.
- ### Libraries
+ <h3 id="libraries">Libraries</h3>
Libraries, plugins, and modules that are public and freely available are
allowed and encouraged. During judging, please list all libraries that you
@@ -98,13 +98,13 @@
a library that is publicly available and provides a general-purpose, publicly
usable function can be done before the competition begins.
- ### Web Services
+ <h3 id="services">Web Services</h3>
We encourage use of third-party web services and their APIs (e.g. Twitter,
Flickr, Google maps). Almost everyone loves mashups. Again, make sure to
update your team profile with what services you use.
- ### Ownership and Open Source
+ <h3 id="ownership">Ownership and Open Source</h3>
The code you write is yours. If you intend to share it after the competition,
you can pick whatever license you love. We encourage contestants to open
@@ -115,18 +115,18 @@
competition to audit for cheating, but we won't steal any of your secret
recipes or patent-pending algorithms. Stealing will get us disqualified.
- ### Scoring
+ <h3 id="scoring">Scoring</h3>
Winners will be picked by a mixture of voting by judges, contestants, and
the general public. More details are forthcoming.
- ### Miscellany
+ <h3 id="misc">Miscellany</h3>
Don't break any laws. Don't harm any animals (especially [potbellied pigs]).
Wear sunscreen and have fun. This is all for fun and glory, so don't hurt
- ### Questions?
+ <h3 id="questions">Questions?</h3>
[Email] or [tweet] us.

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