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login flow

/login -> /auth/github

  • remember referrer for returnTo behavior
  • sign in via github, redirects to /people/me


  • remember referrer for returnTo behavior
  • sign in via facebook, redirects to /people/me


  • Do we want to add Twitter as an authentication mechanism?


  • if on a team
    • redirects to /people/show of the logged in person
  • if invited to a team (based on session invite code [see below])
    • joins the team
      • deletes the invite
      • clears out session invite code
  • if created a team (still not on it, and still no confirmed invite)
    • redirect to the created team
  • else
    • redirects to /teams/new


  • create a team

    • name
    • emails -> invites
  • invite links go to /teams/:id?invite=key


  • given an invitation, saves to a session invite code. will override the session invite code if another invite code is given, but won't null it out.

  • shows a team and its members

  • if on the team

    • shows you more cool stuff
  • if invited (based on session invite code)

    • big button to accept invitation to /auth/github