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**MAJOR**: For migration process for 1.x to 2.0.0 please see
* Migration to Python 3.x
* Migration to oVirt Python SDK 4.0
* Hotfix of a DBZ when no VMs or VMPools are assigned to a user
* Implemented password obfuscation. It makes no sense trying to encrypt credentials in a Python code as anything can be decrypted, decompiled, etc., so at least password is now obfuscated if stored.
**IMPORTANT**: If you already stored your credentials before this version, they won't match once you run your client after pulling latest changes, so expect an authentication error. Either enter the credentials again and select the "store my credentials" checkbox or remove the credentials file yourself (~/.ovirtclient).
* Added the 'reboot in progress' event
* Fixed some uncaught exceptions
* Fix: _create_unverified_context() seems not to be present in some older versions of Python, replaced it with the proper way (creating an empty context for urlopen)
* Improved installation instructions in README
* Implemented multithreading for initiating more than one viewer (improves UX as well)
* Added the app->remote_viewer_path setting
* Minor fixes
* Stripped the HTML tags on authentication errors
* An autologout policy has been implemented, read for more info about *autologout* and *notify_autologout* parameters.
* Parameters documented in settings.conf.example as well
* Some minor fixes
* Added the VmPool listing support
* Fixed some uncaught exceptions
* Forced the ovirt-engine-sdk-python version to 3.6.9 (4.0.X oVirt format is completely incompatible with 3.X.X versions)
* Fixed some issues with self-signed certificates (also affects LetsEncrypt certificates for some reason)
* Adeed the app->allow_remember configuration parameter, defining whether the "Remember credentials" checkbox is or not shown. Defaults 1 (allow remembering).
* Added a TODOLIST
* Some minor fixes
* Initial version, feel free to report any bugs you may encounter.
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